We love wi-fi

Our Wi-Fi services are built off years of experience in providing leading wireless services to the military sector. Military bases are full of radio interference and yet we are the provider that can deliver consistently performing, stable broadband to military residences.

It’s not just in the equipment we use, but in the way we plan our deployments – a full site survey is undertaken and our experts understand the very fabric of your buildings, allowing for optimal access point placement to get the best coverage for every room, every social space and every nook and cranny.

Our skill is applied to all of our distributed Wi-Fi services, giving some of the best Wi-Fi available to Student Accommodation and Key Workers.

The best bits

  • Reliable, high speed wireless
  • Up-to-date standards
  • Enterprise-grade equipment
  • Full site survey
  • Multiple SSIDs
  • Guest access
  • Eduroam compatibility
  • Maintained by us


How it works

Our wireless platform can be installed alongside our managed services product – allowing it to extend outside of residential areas and provide flexible access for many kinds of devices. Any user registered for our Keysurf or Media Force service will be able to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi and their devices will be remembered and automatically connect and authenticate in future.

Users are also free to register directly on the Wi-Fi service, and connect any kind of wireless device compatible with the 802.11 standards.

measure twice, build once

We'll send out a team of our engineers trained in Wi-Fi deployment to measure up your property, understand the fabric of the building and create simulations of how radio frequencies will perform, to create the optimal access point plan for both 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands. We also check for radio interference from other networks and sources of radio to make sure our access points have the most room to talk to your residents' devices.

Doing this ensures we get it right first time – and with our active monitoring, if we find any problems, we'll send someone to give it a tweak and get it running smoothly.

What we install

Alongside our managed platform, we will add:

  • A wireless controller
  • All the access points required for a perfect deployment
  • Any cabling required
  • Make everything neat and tidy afterwards.