Our custom platform


The Relish Networks Platform is a custom suite of management tools and customer relationship software that we use to deploy our services.

It encompasses:

  • User registration
  • Account management
  • Error reporting
  • User validation
  • Billing and Direct Debit processing
  • Product implementation and scheduling
  • Support ticketing
  • Statistical reporting
  • SLA reporting
  • Custom branding and white label functions

The Relish Networks Platform is built entirely in house and managed by our developers and operations team – it is custom built for our services and allows us to provide the most flexibility to our customers, users and internal teams.

All data is handled in house and hosted on our own servers in datacentres distributed across the UK. None of our user information is sent overseas and only Relish Networksemployees can access it. All billing and payment information is encrypted and secured to PCI-DSS standards.