Full fibre broadband

It’s 100% fibre. Right to the router. None of this stopping at the roadside cabinet like other providers do, so the speed isn’t slowed down by the infrastructure of the building. Which means you’ll be able to offer a whopping 1Gbps to your tenants. Landlord of the year? Sounds about right.

Relish Networks installs cutting-edge GPON technology into PRS and MDU properties that deliver speeds in excess of 1Gbps. Our deployments are discreet, sympathetic and scaleable, so everyone can have the future of the internet without disruptive alterations to the property.

How it works

The technology we use is called GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network). It’s future-proofed to allow hundreds of gigabits of data to travel into your apartments, so if speeds increase you can still rely on the fibre network we’ve installed today.

Our full fibre broadband uses up to 70% less infrastructure than rival technologies. Also, because it actually is fully fibre, it’s easily upgradeable in the future without expensive and disruptive re-wires.

The best bits

  • 100% fibre fast broadband
  • Future-proofed compared to copper cabling
  • Fewer cables than Ethernet
  • Easier and faster deployment
  • Power is only required at the comms cabinet
  • Less space required for the infrastructure
  • Delivers the potential for 10Gbps+ speeds in the future
  • Smaller, more flexible cables offer a more discreet and sympathetic deployment

What we install

  1. We arrange for installation of a large, dedicated fibre pipe into your building.
  2. Our team will install a distribution unit called an OLT (Optical Line Terminal) and install it into your comms room.
  3. Fine optical cables are fed through the ducting and service areas in your property to distribute throughout the building. These are so small that if they have to be run in public areas, they’ll be barely noticeable.
  4. We’ll install some splitters closer to the properties to help distribute the fibre network – these ensure that multiple cables don’t have to be run together from the comms room. The splitters don’t require any power to operate and are silent. Until someone registers for the service, this is all we’ll install into your building.
  5. When a resident signs up to the service, they’ll be delivered a router and an engineer will install the final piece of fibre into their property and connect the router.
  6. Our engineer will clean up and introduce the service to the tenant or home owner.